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Sewing Classes

Sewing Classes are currently suspended
"I have, for a long time now, wanted to offer more sewing classes and training to people. I'm a great believer in sharing skills and there are many people out there with sewing machines gathering dust because they don't know where to start" - Andy Piccos
My sewing classes and workshops have been developed as a result of working with new sewing people and designers and has developed organically from the most frequent areas of need. I remember when I first started sewing the biggest problem was threading the sewing machine! Everything was ready to sew, patterns worked out, fabric cut and pinned and I couldn't get the thread going through the machine correctly! If you are struggling with using the sewing machine, you won't get very far in creating your dream piece(s) and it will end up back in the cupboard and out of sight.
Below is a brief outline of the types of courses I am running, the full programme will be available from October 2014 . The beginners workshops are already running (August 2014).


 “Sewing 101” - One day introduction to your sewing machine and sewing principles

For people thinking about buying a sewing machine, and for those who have one but aren't using it. You can bring your machine to the day, use it and make it yours!

  • Starting to use your sewing machine, how it works, what the different bits do, sewing practice

  • Tools for sewing & good practices

  • Making your first piece

  • Pinning, cutting fabrics, making up and tricks of the trade

Day Charge 10-5pm £100/person includes most materials where relevant.
For more information email:

“Sewing 101 (Cubed)” - 3-part Introduction to your sewing machine and sewing principles

  • As above one day course, but with project work between classes and for people with sewing machines at home that they can use.
  • How to measure yourself (& others)
  • Ideally you would bring your sewing machine with you to at least the first class.
    (Not suitable if you don’t have access to a machine outside of class)

New groups every month. Available:
Saturdays: mornings 101m-1pm; afternoons 2pm-5pm. 
Weekday morning 10am-1pm (Thursdays)

Charge:  3 x 3 sessions @ £45 = £135
For more information email: 

Sewing Surgeries:

Studio time:  where you can bring your project in for advice, work in the company of other sewing people and share ideas and learn new skills. Spaces need to be booked and you can purchase blocks of hours: available in blocks of 3, 6 or 10 hours.

These are likely to include "How To" special skills/ tips and tricks workshops (these may be 1 or 2 hour sessions)

  • how to put in an invisible zip
  • how to work with bias binding
  • how to do simple alterations
  • how to rework a shop bought pattern (this is likely to be a long workshop possibly over sessions)
  • How to replace a lining
  • Customizing a garment
  • Making cushions (including creating piping & zips)

For more information email:

Making your own Block

Plotting patterns for your own clothes has to start with having your body shape on paper. This is your block. The block is the first step towards creating designs (whether for yourself or others). This is a fairly advanced class as it will rely on your to work at home on your own machine between the classes.

  • Each person will have one-on-one time to measure and start plotting their own block
  • First Class: participants come together when they have all made up their first calico body block.
    Session will look at making the block fit you and how to alter the pattern in order to achieve this. Some of the alterations can be done in class, and the main work is likely to be done at home.
  • Second Class: Looking at your 2nd and final attempt at your body block pattern. Assisting with any problems you may have. Looking at manipulation of darts and seams for creating your own designs

Charge: £120
For more information email:

Put together your own small group of friends and learn together.

One-on-one tutoring is also available. 

Get in touch for more details 

email to  OR text: 07956615775




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